We believe in inspiring both ourselves and others, by creating products born out of the desire to encourage consciousness as a lifestyle.

As Polite Worldwide, we design our collections with the utmost care and forethought in mind. We infuse our essence into every single piece, as they go on to become intrinsically connected to their wearer. As a brand, our bond with nature and culture permeates our every move, developing all of our products with integrity and seeking to uplift our community.

Polite Worldwide is built on the pillars of collaboration, connectivity, and compassion. Our resolve is deeply rooted in our dedication to protecting the earth. For us, sustainable luxury is not only a reality, but a necessity too. As such, we persistently look to align with those who share this conscious and mindful journey.



Polite Worldwide is aware of the invaluable impact every organism can have. This impact has the potential of being contagious, of spreading significant and positive change throughout. We actively seek to highlight the remarkable people, businesses, and places, that take it upon themselves to set conscious practices in motion, and integrate them into their value system. 

We want to make of Polite Worldwide a platform where those who are working towards sustainable impact can be heard. We want to serve as a space that amplifies that message, helping it reverberate through our community.

Everyone matters, everyone has a role to play in uplifting our people, and consequently, our planet. So don't be shy and share with us your Polite stories about those people, businesses, and places, that are sowing the seeds for positive impact in your life. We would love to shine a light to those narratives, so we can support them, and watch them bloom.


Polite Worldwide operates under the notion of impact enterprise, shepherded by a dedication to conservation. This means our collections are small, and unique, singularly curated based on demand.

We believe in circularity, as such, our products are hand made with recycled and considered materials. Every piece is attentively handcrafted, consciously regarded as an ethical piece of art meant to accompany its wearer throughout their lifetime.


We personally design, and handcraft each made-to-order piece. Our products are intended to become intrinsically connected to you, like a treasure to keep. Many of our items can be made to your specific length and with personalized detail. We value the opportunity to co-create with you in making beautiful pieces that accommodate your individual needs. 


Our products are sustainable by definition. They are designed and made factoring ways to minimize and eliminate waste as much as possible. Our product is made to withstand time and last for years. We believe in the heritage essence of jewelry, collectable accessories and hand crafted ready to wear. 


Our customers are, above all, part of our community. We take great care in ensuring we have a positive impact on those around us, uplifting our community with the utmost warmth and respect. Please contact us at hello@politeworldwide.com for additional support, questions or feedback. We are happy to assist you.


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