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The importance of being polite has never been more apparent than it is in this era of self-absorption and egotistical proclivities. You need only spend a few hours in a public place to observe for yourself at least one instance when someone’s comfort or well-being is completely disregarded by others intent on seeking their own immediate pleasures.

However, even if it’s becoming harder to see it exhibited in everyday life, the fact remains that living politely is the best way to ensure your happiness while imparting happiness to those around you. Being polite is essential for building healthy relationships and espousing the principles of sustainability. Politeness is more than just the actions a person takes. It becomes the essence of who a person is.

Every person has the potential to bring awareness to the need for basic manners, as well as the many benefits that can be enjoyed by living in a more polite way. It can be argued that a polite life is a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It is certainly worth seeking and emulating.

Why Being Polite Is a Dying Practice That Must Be Revived

These days, politeness seems to be going the way of AOL chat rooms and water beds — in other words, it seems to be a dying practice. Good etiquette is being traded for crassness and a wanton attitude of “I come first, no matter what.” Too many people are making the mistake of thinking that they must abandon basic principles of politeness because these principles no longer have a place in modern society. This is a fallacy that, if perpetuated, could cause the world to become a far less hospitable place.

If it is not embraced and revived quickly, the simple act of being polite could permanently become a thing of the past. To prevent that from happening, regular people must adopt manners and show the world how much better it is to be a good-mannered person than it is to rove the world completely mannerless.

Deciding to be polite is less about whether you remove your elbows from the table during dinnertime and more about how you behave with all the life around you. The essence of politeness is treating people, animals, and the environment as a whole the way you would like to be treated. People who exhibit good manners inevitably make the world a better place for themselves and others.

What Having Manners Means

The word “manners” almost always has an adjective preceding it (such as “good” or “bad”). In the absence of an adjective before the word, it’s always assumed that “good” is implied. For example, if you refer to someone as “having manners,” it is generally understood that the person has good manners.

The History of Manners

Etiquette training has a long and storied history. People first became enamored with good etiquette and “proper” behavior in the 18th century, during the Age of Enlightenment. This is when proper etiquette became an essential way of life for royalty and the middle classes. Everyone who wanted to be considered respectable knew that it was essential to practice good manners. Before long, a code of manners became the pervasive influence on middle- and upper-class society.

In some cases, it can be argued that the act of enforcing manners went too far. During the time of the Roman Empire, failing to exhibit impeccable manners could result in extremely harsh — or even life-threatening — punishments. Thankfully, that is no longer the case today.

Modern Courtesy

People who exhibit good manners today often do so either because politeness was ingrained in them as children by their parents and family members, or because they simply choose to treat those around them with respect. If you think about it, almost all aspects of modern politeness are based on the core principles of respect and appreciation.

When you choose to follow good table manners, for example, you exhibit appreciation for all the work involved in making the food you now enjoy. When you choose to speak to others with polite language, you show proper respect for humankind. When you make changes in your own life to take better care of the environment, you show appreciation and respect for the beautiful planet on which you live.

In today’s culture, we must return to basic politeness if we wish to avoid further conflict and violence. It’s not just about being a keyboard warrior and trying to force others to adopt your way of thinking. Instead, true persuasion is almost always a product of polite discourse.

The Benefits of Living a Polite Life

There are so many benefits you can claim as the direct result of living a polite life. Here are just a few of the most mentionable. Being polite:

  • Enhances your mindset
  • Helps you develop an improved relationship with the environment and the world
  • Augments universal consideration and respect
  • Supports sustainability
  • Helps you recognize and appreciate hard work and the exceptional craftsmanship of products

Those who live their lives in a more conscientious way are also more apt to appreciate the value of art and luxury. They see these things, not as commodities they must acquire at all costs, but as carefully crafted expressions of someone else’s hard work. They value and appreciate sustainably beautiful products and treat them respectfully.

Tips for Embodying Politeness

There are many ways to enact politeness in your own life and reflect it outward so others can see how desirable it is to have good manners. Here are a few tips for becoming the personification of good manners:

  • Respect the professional roles and duties others have, whether you view them as “lesser than” your own or not.
  • Use appropriate language when addressing others, and never use slang or rude jargon to describe or address someone else.
  • Chew quietly and avoid talking while you have food in your mouth.
  • Be civil with everyone around you, even those who are not particularly civil with you. Don’t return bad manners for bad manners.
  • Never participate in name-calling, even when others are doing so. Joining in with impolite actions in an attempt to “belong” is the typical behavior of a coward.
  • Learn to listen attentively and don’t interrupt others when they are speaking, no matter how badly you want to get your point across in the moment.
  • Dress appropriately for the situation and choose to wear clothing from companies committed to politeness and sustainability.

In many cases, having good manners may be as simple as putting up with the lack of good manners other people exhibit. This can be challenging, but it is possible. It’s better to simply walk away with your dignity intact than it is to wallow in the mire with others just so you can make a point.

Politeness tends to breed more politeness, just as rudeness tends to breed more rudeness. Be the person who shows an unwavering commitment to making this world a politer and more enjoyable place to live.

How the Polite Worldwide Brand Focuses on Manners

The Polite Worldwide brand seeks to embody the definition of manners and proper etiquette. Through the products we make, we embody a positive attitude and embrace the beauty that comes with living a polite life.

Our products are made with a focus on the following core values:

  • Sustainability
  • Politeness
  • Luxury
  • Craftsmanship
  • Art

We believe in inspiring others to adopt greater consciousness and respectfulness as a lifestyle by creating products that typify these values.  Every piece in our luxurious collection is designed with careful collaboration and forethought.

We care deeply about protecting and nurturing the earth. We welcome everyone to our community who is as passionate about supporting sustainable luxury as we are. We prove every day that sustainability and good style can be mutually inclusive.

When you wear clothing and accessories in the Polite Worldwide brand, you can do so with confidence knowing that you’re doing your part to show respect and good manners for the world in which you live. People who are polite today generally choose to live in such a way because it is a worthwhile endeavor that can improve relationships and interactions with others while simultaneously protecting the beautiful planet that gives us all life.

Embrace the Polite Life

You can embrace the polite life by adopting the simple mantra of leaving the world and the living things in it better than you found them. Embracing a life of good manners doesn’t mean you have to be so wrapped up in doing the “right thing” all the time that you can’t enjoy your life. Instead, it simply means that you choose to show deep devotion and commitment to improving society and the environment around you however you can.

If you’re ready to embrace the polite life, join Polite Worldwide in our mission to change the way the world views wearable products. We make clothing pieces that are intrinsically connected to the wearer. Through compassion, collaboration and connectivity, we prove every day that sustainably made clothing has the power to uplift the wearer and inspire the world. Take a look at our responsively crafted new arrivals and become part of the polite living community.

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