“Collectively we are connected. We are all contributors to this planet, this unity is our opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the earth. We have seen firsthand how making adjustments and taking action creates power and purpose within our communities. When we modify our behaviors, we can create an enhanced life for all species on land and in water. Polite worldwide was inspired to collaborate with atmos and lonely whale to deepen our values as a unit of inspiration. We feel together we combine aspects of culture, climate awareness, leadership, and advocacy. Our collection represents the natural figures of the ocean and the importance to protect, and preserve them.” - Tavia Azzinaro - Co-founder of Polite Worldwide


Lonely whale is an ocean-focused non-profit co-founded by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner on the principle of radical collaboration. What’s happening to the ocean is a drag, but talking about it doesn’t have to be. Lonely whale collaborates with partners around the world to change how we talk about ocean conservation and protection. From organizations to influencers and creatives, lonely whale launches data-driven campaigns such as the #hydratelike campaign against plastic pollution and ocean heroes bootcamp that speak to gen z, millennials, and others who have joined lonely whale in taking key actions to save the ocean.



The planet has lost half of its coral reefs since 1950. Coral reefs look like marine rainforests of a thousand different shapes, sizes, and colors, but in reality they are colonies of thousands of small animals that are indispensable for the survival of hundreds of millions of people, accounting for 25 % of the world's marine fauna.

Coral Gardeners grows and plants resilient corals to restore dying reefs and bring life back to the ocean. When you support them, you have a direct impact on saving coral reefs.



Atmos is a biannual climate and culture magazine and online platform founded by Jake Sargent with editor-in-chief William Defebaugh, that tells stories about people and the environment through an art and design lens. Atmos brings readers into the cultural conversation around social and environmental justice, climate solutions, and ecological awareness through stories that are equal parts provocative and approachable, inspiring and alarming, light and enlightening.



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