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Art doesn’t have to be something that is only admired on a canvas or building façade. You can become a living, breathing piece of art by embellishing your body with expertly designed and sustainable clothing. When you choose to adorn your body with wearable art, you can tell a story to the world without ever uttering a word.

You are not what you wear. However, what you wear can become an outward reflection of your personality, passions and desires. Wearable art from Polite Worldwide gives you an avenue to express yourself and make a statement by dressing in responsibly made clothing that also functions as art.

Understanding Wearable Art

Some of the Victorian-era gowns could arguably be termed wearable art. With their delicate patterns and intricate details, such dresses were undoubtedly beautiful, though perhaps cumbersome and restrictive as well.

The modern wearable art trend is a bit more free and movement-oriented. It first emerged at the end of the 1960s, during a period of heightened social and cultural changes. Unlike other trends that tend to come and go with impressive speed, wearable art still remains a popular way of expressing oneself. It is difficult to pack the term “wearable art” into a single definition because it means different things to different people and cultures.

If attempting to describe wearable art in as few words as possible, you might say that it’s a form of expression. It’s timeless, complex and diverse. It involves a variety of techniques, such as weaving, sewing, dying and leather tooling. At its core, it’s an avenue for unfettered individualism and a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship.


Incorporating Wearable Art Into Your Wardrobe

One of the best ways to incorporate wearable art into your wardrobe is to purchase customized fashion pieces that are inherently connected to you. When you opt for made-to-order pieces, you gain the ability to display a bit of yourself and your unique personality on your body. Anytime you choose to wear pieces that look like art to you, you’re adding more beauty and diversity to the world.

Keep in mind that people may have different ideas of what wearable art is and isn’t. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What's important is that you choose clothing that represents who you are and what you value. It can be considered extreme or mild by some peoples’ standards and still be art nonetheless.


Choose Responsibly Made Wearable Art

No matter what clothing patterns, designs or materials look like art to you, it’s important to make sure the wearable art you select is sustainably made and sourced. Polite Worldwide is the perfect partner for your sustainable art goals. We create luxuriously artistic clothing that reflects an intrinsic bond with nature. Our resolve to protect Mother Earth is at the core of all we do and everything we create.

Indulge yourself in our selection of expertly crafted jewelry, comfortable clothing and unique accessories when you’re ready to join us on a mindful journey of responsible self-expression. Together, we can make the world a more free, more creative and more sustainable place to live.

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