In collaboration, Lonely Whale and Polite Worldwide have come together to create a limited collection of handmade unisex t-shirts and hoodies in celebration of love for the ocean on Valentines Day. A day to celebrate love and connection, we wanted to be able to offer a product that had the love and passion in connection to its purpose. We also partnered with Coral Gardeners, an organization that is pioneering programs for reef restoration, education and innovation to save damaged reef areas around the world. 

With every hoodie and limited edition reef bracelet purchase Polite Worldwide will be adopting super corals. All hoodie and t-shirt purchases within the collection will also support the next generation of leaders—Lonely Whale and Captain Planet Foundation are scaling the Ocean Heroes Network, which has already engaged more than 7,300 youth, trained 1,200 youth from 68 countries, and partnered with more than 50 leading conservation NGOs.