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Polite’s ethical approach, and redefinition of what it means to do good business.

    In Ethics and Psychology, Altruism is the practice of acting in a way that is selfless and even sometimes self-sacrificing for the best interest of others. Principally, as humans with motives and self-interest; it’s easy, borderline habitual to help others when they display need solely on the premise that there's something in it for us too. 

  Here at Polite Worldwide we are committed to fostering a commitment to Altruistic behavior through our work. Has our desire to do good for others  become so transactional that humans are becoming increasingly, decreasingly willing to lend a helping hand if there’s no immediate praise or reward in return? The moral imperative to do good is losing its authenticity, and we hope it finds a place in the world again. 

 Equally important to Polite Worldwide is authenticity, and Altruism conserves the genuineness of ethical practices strongly. Fast fashion has almost wholly engrossed consumers, companies, and their designers with the intent to decimate any opportunity to slow down; breathe, and act consciously. Waste from fast fashion has tainted our natural waterways, polluted our atmosphere, and suffocated our beautiful planet. 

 Fast Fashion is  polluting the earth and our minds alike.

 Psychologically, the position that fast fashion forces us to take upon is that as porters of fashion, we should not attach ourselves to what we wear, it seeks to desensitize our natural inclination to create attachment and connection to the items we love to wear and the brands whose identities we gravitate towards. If we can create change, and build a community of individuals who see the value and importance of Altruism; lives will change for the better. 

  As a sustainable luxury brand; we want to see people indulge themselves in lustrous pearls, meet their skin with breathable and high-quality fabrics, adorn their wrists and necklines with energy-wavering gemstones, and become walking art pieces inspiring the eyes they meet. We want to drive change and innovation, we want people to feel good about themselves and what they wear. 

Altruism is our standard, and at Polite, we never want to stray from this standard; we see the potential of Altruistic behavior; the good and authenticity it brings to the world we live in. We seek to intersect sustainability with art and luxury, organically as possible; for it to come from the heart. Polite people have big hearts and are mindful of their output and its impact on others. 

A Polite community of Altruists. 

Altruism Article Polite Worldwide

  Ideally a community of Polite People; would be a community shaped around the value of living an altruistic lifestyle. We want to call upon those who can feel an innate call to compassion for the world they live in and the people they live amongst; to learn about our creative endeavors, ethical sourcing practices, artisanal design and craftsmanship,  and our stories. 

 Altruism is good for the soul.  It’s worth noting that some altruists argue that while they do good expecting nothing in return, the natural high that comes forth from seeing others being helped; is all they need. 

 Altruism hasn’t died, it’s just become reliant on egotistical fuel and not pure intentions.  

 We are not seeking approval, praise, and fitting in with the rest. We care about changing the fashion industry and inspiring sustainable innovation; as selflessly as possible. 

 If you knew that the clothes you wear and portray yourself with were made with purpose, love, and conscious thought we promise you would never want to take them off. It’s only natural for us to emotionally attach ourselves to material items, we hold dearly to our hearts. We want to make sure that your favorite polite hoodie and pearl necklace love you right back. 

Permanent change through Permanent Jewelry 

 True change can become permanent when it’s done genuinely. The best solutions for our world's problems come from those that aren’t made with the selfish intent to help the problem-solver more than the actual problem. Innovation built upon the wrong values is set to fail sooner than later. Why create temporary solutions, when the tools to make permanent change already exist within us? Once we can extend beyond our ego, we can dive deep for the altruistic bone in our body. 

 Jewelry is the classic accessory, sported by many in order to entice the wandering human eye. It also represents value, and life. Within a piece of jewelry, for many, there exist stories and fond memories. Passed down from generations, gifted to us by a lover, or simply purchased for a special occasion; we wear it close to our bodies to adorn the humanity we hold inside us. We seek for our pearls to be a vessel for the memories you make in life, to be there forever. We are all about sustainability, so allow us to design, create, and provide in the name of making your jewelry be forever. 

Our pearl necklaces embody the meaning of finding good within. The pearl of the Oyster, it’s the lumensent sphere carrying beauty and elegance; but produced by the mollusk’s devotion to its vital role as the ocean’s natural filter. It’s a beautiful fact of nature that the Oyster serves as its  natural refiner. Nature reminds us of the importance of sustainability and conservation, by giving  us moon-like drops of iridescence that reside inside the cove walls of a rock-like Oyster.  

Positive Vibes, keeping an optimistic outlook even in the toughest of times. 

 We love positivity, uplifting, mentoring, and making you happy. We know that in a world full of gray, they’re are many pockets of sunshine too. Many would take the popular stance against us, to say “True Altruism just doesn’t exist anymore” but politely, we disagree. We know it’s out there and we feel it within ourselves. Hoping to inspire you to awaken your inner altruist; you feel more compelled to do good than ever. 

Reflect on your work.

  The average person devotes most of their life to their education, career, and family. If those tens of thousands of our hours are spent planting seeds for fruitful trees that society can eat from, then imagine how much greener we can make the world both metaphorically, and literally.

   Through education, we learn about how the world works, and are gifted with knowledge in hopes to result in well-trained individuals that can provide society with a  skillful trade. You become a doctor to save lives, a lawyer to fight for justice, an artist to create, whatever you may be it all means something. Altruistism can take form through our careers, we want to make sure that the work we devote ourselves to isn’t just a means to an end, but a lifestyle we believe in. 

Building bridges through Politeness. 

 7.9 billion and counting it’s hard to fathom how interconnected we are. Separated and categorized by borders, languages, culture, and all the other characteristics that compose our identity we are catapulted into niche pods of people who we feel are just like us. Community is strength and power, and most of all bring us a comforting sense of belonging but if we could build bridges between our communities, imagine just how enriching those connections could be. So join us, start from wherever life may find you or continue on your pursuit of leaving a good mark on this earth. Purchase our consciously and sustainably produced fashion goods, read our stories, hear our message, and most of all uplift our business through uplifting the lives of others. 

Peace and Politeness, 

 Polite Worldwide. 

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